IT Management for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Manufacturers

computer and network solutions for pharmaceutical and bioscience organizations

IT Presents Dynamic Options for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Manufacturers

Equip your organization with the technology it needs to find success.

Like other manufacturers, companies that create, test, and distribute pharmaceuticals or other bioscience-related goods need efficiency in order to secure the kind of profit share needed to make the endeavor successful. At Excedeo, this is what we do. We are able to secure and implement the technology your organization needs to give your workforce the tools it needs to boost productivity.

Whether you are looking to improve your processes or need upgrades to your essential systems, the IT professionals at Excedeo can present your organization with feature-packed and affordable options that are specifically designed to meet your workplace’s individual needs.

Hosted Business Solutions with Manufacturers in Mind

On-site and off-site computing solutions, network support, and management applications.

Technology has a tendency to eat away a large chunk of a business’ budget. To avoid this capital outlay, many organizations are looking to the cloud. At Excedeo, we can provide you with secure and affordable virtual computing environments that can keep your IT costs down by replacing your in-house IT infrastructure with the proactive technicians at Excedeo.

Depending on your security needs, we can set up a public, private, or hybrid cloud in order to provide your organization with the computing capabilities it needs. Your completely monitored and maintained virtualized infrastructure, turns what could be one of the largest expenses you pay all year into an operational expense; providing you with value and matched efficiency.

Technology Solutions that Build Efficiency and Business Continuity

Data management, security, data backup, and technology solutions geared specifically towards pharmaceutical and bioscience manufacturers.

At Excedeo, we have solutions for any matter of IT-based problem your organization might have. We can provide your organization with a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution that can help you manage each department of your business with more effectiveness. This software also allows you to integrate each department of your organization to improve efficiency.  Manage contacts, track inventory, and plan collaboration projects with solutions that are tailored for your specific needs.

Most companies need solutions for data security, but in the Pharmaceutical and Bio Sciences, security is paramount. We can provide the foremost security solutions including everything you’ll need to mandate individual’s security clearances. This identity management software, will allow the staff that needs certain information to have access while limiting the staff that shouldn’t have it.

We also offer a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solution that allows you to back up your company’s information to the cloud. This allows for easy restoration in the event that something drastic happens and you need to institute new hardware.

To get a free network consultation and talk to one of our trusted IT professionals about the ways Excedeo can improve your company’s operational efficiency, call us today at 619.398.4100.