Remote Server Management Services

Hand Off Your Server Management Hassle To Us

Our remote monitoring tools, back-office services, and software options provide cost-effective IT management to make sure your systems operate as required and deliver the ROI you expect. Key Elements include:server management, server management services, remote server management

Antivirus Management

EXCEDEO includes Antivirus Software licensing, monitoring, and detection. Every 4 hours, we perform a check to see if definitions are updated and include alerts if definitions fall 3 days behind.

Alert Generation

The NOC carries out multiple preventive checks each week, reducing the chances of failure. Trend reporting on critical parameters makes it possible to capture and analyze important parameters.

Autonomic Monitoring Policies

When the NOC agent is installed on a server, it runs automated processes and performs a self-check routine to determine what ports, services, and processes are currently running on the machine. This information is analyzed carefully and policies are applied to monitor the server.

Hardware & Software Asset Collection

Scans are scheduled to run weekly to capture hardware, software, and operating system settings from our client's servers. Data gathered by weekly scans are processed by the Data Center and produced as customized reports. EXCEDEO also provides 3 Executive Reports.

Security Patch Management

EXCEDEO's Patch Management Team downloads the available Microsoft patches and installs them in a test environment where we will either whitelist or blacklist all critical Microsoft (OS and applications) security patches. EXCEDEO only deploys approved Whitelisted Microsoft Patches.

Logical Disk Checks

EXCEDEO checks each logical disk on the server to assure there are more than 750 free megabytes available.

Remote Remediation

Our team will provide remote remediation services as required to resolve the problem. in the event the problem cannot be resolved remotely, we dispatch an engineer to attend to the problem.

Managed Monthly Service Reports

EXCEDEO provides a comprehensive monthly report detailing preventive maintenance activities such as patches applied, antivirus updates completed, spyware instances removed, temp files deleted, etc.

server management, server management services, remote server management