Virtualization is at the core of most cloud computing systems.

Cloud computing for business is a utility that is showing rapid growth. A study by Gartner found that cloud computing solutions would be over $150 billion in 2013, while a study by IDC estimates that cloud computing solutions will grow by a whopping 130% by 2016. Businesses are always looking to cut costs and increase revenue. If you are the owner or executive at a business that relies heavily on computing capability and is looking to avoid spending top-dollar on IT, consider the hardware consolidation and virtualization solutions from Excedeo.

Server Consolidation and Hardware Virtualization Services

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Don't Waste Vital Capital

Save money and properly budget your IT infrastructure with virtual machines.

Your company's technology has plenty of hidden costs and they add up quickly. It takes a substantial capital investment on your part to house, power, maintains, and upgrade your business' technology. If you were offered a solution where you could save money while ensuring a premium degree of uptime, would you be interested?

The experienced professionals at Excedeo can offer you just that. Hardware and server virtualization is a viable solution for any company that needs access to their data from anywhere. By partnering with VMware, Excedeo offers the most dynamic and efficient hardware virtualization services on the market today.

Will Hardware Virtualization and Consolidation Work for Your Enterprise?

The IT experts at Excedeo have an assessment and consulting services to help you understand how your money is being spent.

Does your business run multiple underutilized servers? Are you aware of the money each server costs your enterprise? The IT support professionals at Excedeo know and will work with your organization to help you understand how the virtualization of your computing resources can save you money and help you drive productivity and innovation.

Utilizing the world-class VMWare Virtualization Software, your computing infrastructure can be consolidated and easily scalable. Since you can run many virtual servers on one physical machine, adding additional secure computing resources has never been easier. This presents much of the savings that your organization will see; by turning all the capital expenses associated with your IT infrastructure, into a simple, and manageable operating cost.

The Technicians at Excedeo are Experts in Hardware Consolidation

We have Certified VMware Technical Sales Consultants and VMware Virtual Certified Professionals on staff.

Your organization's decision to jump to the cloud is a big one, and the IT support professionals at Excedeo have performed the successful virtualization of a company's IT infrastructure many times over. They did just that for Solomon Ward Attorneys at Law. Using the VMware VDI virtualization platform, Excedeo was able to assess, consult, and build a dynamic and efficient computing infrastructure for the law firm of 60 employees.

Using a phased approach, Excedeo was able to reappropriate the law firm's antiquated hardware for use with their new private cloud infrastructure. Once these workstations lost purpose, however, they were quickly replaced with thin client workstations. It also improved compatibility for the coming Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement by allowing these devices access to data in the new private cloud environment.

Brooks Pearson, the systems manager for Solomon Ward, went on to praise Excedeo by saying, "Excedeo is always there when we really need them. They are a top-notch organization and are not afraid to dabble into new frontiers of technology. They see the whole picture and provide excellent recommendations to improve the overall quality of your work."

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