Looking for Excedeo Reviews?

Excedeo believes in making modern tech solutions available to San Diego companies. Our philosophy is that there is no cookie cutter solution out there: businesses have different needs, and so we must be adaptable. Our clients love this about us, as you can see from video testimonials and reviews of Excedeo.

Excedeo Reviews on Yelp

Excedeo has a 5-star rating on Yelp. One of the benefits of being a local San Diego IT business is that we can be nimble at responding to customer issues, getting your enterprise back on track fast. Our Yelp reviews mention that we are:

  • Knowledgeable - again and again, our customers reference our deep understanding of our field and how it benefits their businesses.
  • Responsiveness - another aspect of our service that our clients praise is how quickly and efficiently we respond to issues that arise. 

Excedeo Reviews on Google My Business

If you look up Excedeo’s Google My Business reviews, you will find that clients are frequently keen to share their thoughts about the services we provide. Recurrent themes of their feedback in Yelp reviews and Google reviews include:

  • Reliability - clients appreciate that we are a reliable IT service that can handle the day-to-day difficulties of managing their tech without the need for intervention on their end. We make their lives easier.
  • Excellent customer service - Excedeo is proud to prioritize customer service and to have our efforts reflected by our clients’ feedback.

Excedeo Video Reviews

Watch our selection of video testimonials and see what our clients have to say, in their own words.